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Lauren is a Texan who grew up in Arizona, chased stories all over East Texas as a newspaper reporter, fell in love with an Ypsilanti boy, had lots of babies, and lives happily ever after.
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Golden Dissonance

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By Lauren Fink

No one begs for dissonance.

When an argument begins with a good friend, you can feel it swell. You both sweat and claw […]

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Vision Team: Catching the Fire

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By Lauren Fink

Maybe I’m a cotton ball. Or Cattail fluff, a Dandelion clock, or some sock fuzz. These things ignite at the slightest spark. […]

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Meet the Vision Pathway Team

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Pictured, left to right: Jim Sorgatz, Lauren Fink, Auxano Navigator Jeff Meyer, Bill Mahler, Julie Dunmire, Mike Hassey, Rebecca Hasey, Justin Rossow, Matt Hein, Phyllis […]

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A Plain Old Book

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By Lauren Fink

After her harsh winter and wobbly spring, Michigan outdoes herself in summer. Our trees, fields and flower beds burst with activity, and the […]