About Matt Hein

Matt Hein is Minister of Discipleship at St. Luke – Ann Arbor and one of the pastors of St. Luke Lutheran Church. He is the father of four children and the husband of Jennifer. Besides enjoying almost any outdoor activity, Matt is passionate about helping people connect faith with life as they follow Jesus more intentionally.
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Joining Jesus on His Mission

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By Matt Hein

“Jesus is up to something.” I’ve heard that phrase numerous times from people at St. Luke recently. For some it has to […]

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Winter 2017 Bible Study Opportunities

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Sundays at 9:45 a.m. (Beginning January 15)

Sheepfold – Ages 3 through 5th grade meet in the basement class rooms in their assigned rooms.


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You are Now Entering the Mission Field

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By Matt Hein
“You are now entering the mission field.”
Have you ever noticed that phrase when you leave St. Luke? It is pasted on the […]

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Joining Jesus on His Mission: Next Steps

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By Matt Hein


Jesus is on the move. He’s actively seeking to redeem and restore his creation. And he is especially seeking to redeem and […]

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Preparing for First Communion

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On October 16, 2016, we will have the privilege of witnessing young disciples celebrating their first communion at St. Luke. Jesus will meet them […]

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Our Unique Vision

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By Matt Hein

Uniqueness is all around us. The night sky reveals a myriad of star constellations, each unique from the rest. The very elements […]

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The Promise of Jesus’ Prayer

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By Matt Hein

A few nights ago I woke to the sound of a crying child. It was 2:15 a.m. and I was sound asleep, […]

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Home Groups for Lent

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Relationship. Food. Discipleship. People of the Passion. Life together. Digging into God’s Word. Neighborhood. Following Jesus.

If you are part of the St. Luke community […]

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Preparing for the Journey

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By Matt Hein

Anytime I approach the beginning of a journey I want to know something about what is ahead. My excitement jumps to another […]

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The Heart of Jesus for the Broken Road

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By Matt Hein

Journeying the road of this world is challenging, full of temptations, and littered with testing. God’s people have recognized this truth for […]