About St. Luke-Ann Arbor

St. Luke-Ann Arbor is a place for families of any kind to come and meet Jesus, and grow in their relationship with each other and the community around them. We are here to become intentional in our faith walk and to receive His grace and forgiveness weekly. St. Luke is diverse in age, culture, and family make-up, but we all are looking to connect people to Jesus and walk along side them as they explore and learn more about the God that created, saved, and sustains them. We offer weekly Bible studies, Sunday morning bible studies, a MOPS group, and more to connect people to each other and to Jesus. At St. Luke we believe that the home is the primary place for faith formation and we want to equip, support, encourage, and resource you as you follow Jesus with the people He has put around you.
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People of the Passion | Week 1

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The scenes of Lent and Holy Week are familiar. Each year we visit the upper room, the Garden of Gethsemane, the halls of Pontus […]

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Sunday Lenten Spiritual Growth Opportunities

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With the start of 2016 Lenten journey comes a new slate of spiritual growth opportunities on Sunday mornings at 9:45 a.m.(2/14, 2/21, 2/28, 3/6, […]

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Finding a Sense of Belonging

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By Jon Bahr, Elder at St. Luke
This past Saturday, I had both the honor and pleasure of being involved in my first meeting as […]

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Places of the Passion

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The scenes of Lent are familiar. The Upper Room, the Garden of Gethsemane, the halls of Pontius Pilate, and the hill of Golgotha—these are […]

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Introducing Chelsea Meyers

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By Chelsea Meyers

As I sat down and read the job description for nursery coordinator I had two thoughts. First thought, stop reading…you don’t need […]

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Youth Upcoming Events 2015-16

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With a new school year coming around, I look forward to all the opportunities to grow in relationship with Jesus and with all of […]

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Upcoming Youth Campout

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On August 11, 12, and 13, 2015 the youth group will be camping out at Portage Lake in the Waterloo State Park. This will […]

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Mission in Your Own Backyard!

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by Brooke Orozco and Charlotte Unwin

“Mission in your own backyard”: We took this saying literally when we moved from Paraguay, South America, back to Michigan […]

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Training up a Child

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By Megan Bahr

I am a mom of four precious gifts from God. And I am confident that parents know their children better than anyone, and their love for […]

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Some Things I Learned in Uganda

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By Jamie Wiechman
Being part of the body of Christ is awesome!

I didn’t know exactly why God was taking us to Uganda. I didn’t know […]