1,001 Stories at St. Luke AA, MI

By Justin Rossow

On Sunday, 10.01, at 10:01 a.m, St. Luke launched a 1-year initiative called, “Celebrating 1,001 Stories.” I was really impressed with the […]

In Me, With You, For the World

By Miriam Rossow

I was having lunch with my two sets of neighbors on a random Thursday afternoon. We are getting to know each other […]

He is Our Hope and Our Rest

A friend  and family member of St. Luke, Sarah Crowder is a teacher at Faith Lutheran Middle School & High School in Las Vegas. The […]

Renew, Revive, Reform

By Dan Flynn

Adult Bible Class, September 17-November 26.

This fall our Adult Bible class is going to explore Scripture and the reformation. I really like […]

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Lessons in Gardens for Growth

By Lori Brinkey

I have really enjoyed working at the tables and hearing the stories of many people who I maybe recognized from attending church […]

Renewal in Christ

By Justin Rossow
I believe it was Eugene Peterson who once said that the most dangerous thing you can do to your faith is become […]

Value, Identity, and Purpose

By Miriam Rossow

This morning I took my two oldest to school. It is the first day of their junior and freshman years. My husband […]

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Director of Youth and Family Discipleship

Back in June, the Youth and Family Discipleship Call/Search Committee was introduced with a promise. The committee would begin gathering names of potential candidates […]

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What About Therapy?

I know of no one who doesn’t confront overwhelming circumstances or simply need to talk to someone over life issues at one point or […]

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Gardens for Growth

It’s August and the veggies are growing! Do you have any green beans, tomatoes, zucchini or other vegetables that you could share? Gardens for […]