Darkness All Around

By Miriam Rossow

It is a grey, rainy, foggy day. The wind is blowing, the clouds are dark, and the rain is pouring down. This […]

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February- March Adult Discipleship Hour Classes

Sunday, February 4, 2018, is the beginning of an 8-week study series for adults at St. Luke during the 9:45-10:45 a.m. Discipleship Hour. Multiple […]

St. Luke Confirmation 2018-2019

Back in 2014, St. Luke shifted to a Confirmation process that is discipleship focused, relationally driven, and helps us follow Jesus in the context […]

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Little Ones in Church… Is It Even Worth It?

What did I expect? Looking back three years and trying to recall the expectations of a 22-year-old new-to-the-job mom bringing her newborn to church […]

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Election Profiles 2017

The Elders serve as an extension of the pastoral office. Their primary role is one of care. They assist pastors in worship and in […]

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John for Advent

By Justin Rossow

“The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.”

That proclamation from the opening verses of John’s Gospel captures Christmas in a chestnut-shell. I […]

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The Story Card

By Justin Rossow

By 10.01 of next year, St. Luke is committed to celebrating 1,001 Stories of Jesus active in our lives and communities. We […]

1,001 Stories at St. Luke AA, MI

By Justin Rossow

On Sunday, 10.01, at 10:01 a.m, St. Luke launched a 1-year initiative called, “Celebrating 1,001 Stories.” I was really impressed with the […]

In Me, With You, For the World

By Miriam Rossow

I was having lunch with my two sets of neighbors on a random Thursday afternoon. We are getting to know each other […]

He is Our Hope and Our Rest

A friend  and family member of St. Luke, Sarah Crowder is a teacher at Faith Lutheran Middle School & High School in Las Vegas. The […]