The Elders serve as an extension of the pastoral office. Their primary role is one of care. They assist pastors in worship and in theological discussion, help teach bible classes, assist in making home or hospital visits, and are open ears to our congregation and their needs and opinions.


Rick Darragh

My family has been at St. Luke since 1984, long enough to raise our children and see some of our grandchildren attend St. Luke with their parents. I recently had the privilege to serve on the Vision Task Force, having the opportunity, along with others on the committee, to determine what next steps Jesus may be asking St. Luke to take. I look forward to seeing how Jesus will continue to use us as we execute the vision and carry out His plans to bring the Kingdom of God to the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area.



Mike Hasey

I have been attending St Luke since 1989.  I have been an elder for the last 8 years. I have also served with the youth ministry, as an usher, as a Sunday school teacher, (both children and adult), confirmation helper, Dad on Duty, small group leader, communion assistant, vision team member, sound board operator, and am currently serving on a call committee. My family and I are excited to be part of the ministry here at St Luke and are seeking how we can best share in His story.



Austin Thomason

I started attending St. Luke when I was a kid, having no previous Lutheran history. I was confirmed here and St. Luke has been there for me through my good times and my bad. This is my church home of 20 years, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.




Sean Egmon

We’ve been at St. Luke for about 20 years now.  My wife and I have served in various capacities over the past 15 years.  We love the people of St. Luke and seeing how Jesus is moving in our community. Service is a joy and a gift from God.  I’m excited to see our focus move beyond our walls and into our neighborhoods. Christ’s message isn’t just for those who walk through the doors of this building, but belongs in our everyday lives with our neighbors and coworkers. Learning about authentic relationships and how we build those Christ like relationships around us will change who we are and how we do things. I look forward to continuing to serve in what ever capacity is needed.


Ken Pingel

I have been a member at St. Luke since 1991. I have served as a Dad on Duty for Children’s Ministry, an Usher, various committees and as an Elder in 2017.





Karl Rose

Moved to Ann Arbor in 1982 from Traverse City as the result of a job promotion and found a church home and family here at St. Luke members for 35 years.





RonRon McCarty

We have been members at St. Luke since 1984.  I have served as usher, communion assistant, and elder at various times throughout those years.

I enjoy getting to know people not only by name but in the sharing of their stories. I love when stories connect and I can link people together that have a common background. I feel Jesus’ presence when he uses me to help connect people or he just wants me to do tasks that need to be completed. Filling out a story card does feel awkward and challenging, but I also believe it is a good way to identify where our church values fit into my life and how Jesus is here with me.


Tom Kamrath

We moved to Ann Arbor (17) years ago due to a job transfer. We joined St Luke because we were warmly greeted and brought into a faith family that loved the Lord.




Adrian Forbes

My wife and I started attending in 2001 and became members in early 2002. I served ULC
as a deacon and member of the Spiritual Leadership Council (SLC) and as a ULC Site Advisory Team (SAT)
representative. During my two year service as deacon, I often aided in church service tasks as worship
host and logistics surrounding services. In 2012 we started attending St. Luke proper again in order to
get our young daughter, Sophia, and now our son, Andrew, involved in the educational programs and
Sunday school. There were various times throughout the years where I participated in and volunteered
my time with the St. Luke Men’s Ministry, which I feel is a current calling of mine in St. Luke leadership.
I have also served communion over the years, participated in the homeless overnight shelter as a host
and driver, and played in a brass ensemble during holiday celebrations between St. Luke and ULC.

Steve Hoover

Started attending in 1983 when my parents transferred here. Met my wife here at Sunday School/Youth Group, was confirmed and married here. I have served as Sunday School Teacher, Bible Study Leader, Confirmation Teacher, Small Group Leader, and on the SLC.




You can learn more about how we are organized to join Jesus on His mission by reading this blog or watching the video below.

The congregation annually elects members of our Board of Elders.

Please keep these members in your prayers as they seek to serve Jesus by serving you.