Everyone has 168 hours in their week to do what they need to do. We often hear the complaint that there just isn’t enough time. So, we create special calendars and priority lists with the intention of controlling our time.

One of the struggles is having time with our families. This could be as simple as time with your spouse or coordinating schedules of all the kids and the parents so you can have a meal together. It is a battle.

Your home is the anchor for sustaining a healthy life physically, emotionally and spiritually. We want to encourage your homes and offer you a blessing of simple meals and a fun question to share.

Please try some of these recipes and talk to your family with the help of these PDFs- also share some of your recipes with us on Facebook!

Week 1. Fiesta Pasta

Week 2. Mothers Day Dinner

Week 3. Lemon Grass Chicken

Week 4. Alfredo Pasta

Week 5. Turkey Burger

Week 6. Carnitas

Week 7. Fathers Day Dinner