This is Living Water

Living Water is a congregation meeting at Whitmore Lake High School. We have an entrepreneurial mind set that pushes us, for the sake of Christ, to reach out beyond our congregation. Since we meet in the local high school we create ministries that are unique, outward-focus, and Christ-centered.  We launch ministry through the homes of our congregation and strive to be part of the local community.

Living Water blends lively contemporary music with our sacramental worship that strives to grow people into a more mature faith walk.  The message is Word-centered with a focus on God impacting our lives as we live today.  We yearn for God to restore and renew us into a rich and deep relationship with Him and with each other.  Our worship experience is crafted to point us to Christ in a casual and reverent style.  We want laughter as well as quiet reflection that provokes us into faithful reflection during the week.

Living Water is committed to the home being the center of our faith development.  God created homes as the means of growing and maturing us into a profound relationship with Him. No matter the type of family, we wish that home to be a light to their community.  Living Water is intentional in supporting the family with a variety of resources and experiences to encourage each home.

Please come and experience what we do and laugh with us.

Our Location

Located In Whitmore, MI

7430 Whitmore Lake Road, Whitmore, MI 48189
Phone: 734.426.4006

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