Reach In

God created us for relationship; relationship with Him, and relationship with each other. God never intended the journey of faith to be taken in isolation. We’re all in this together, and we’re all there for each other.

To focus on reaching in is to make sure you are connected to others for mutual support. You may be the one lending a helping hand today, and tomorrow you may need a shoulder to cry on. We all need loose relationships with a wide range of people and a few deeper relationships with a few to keep us connected an moving forward following Jesus.

Are you looking for a way to connect better? Would you like to build some lasting relationship? Try attending a Sunday morning or midweek Bible class. Find an area of service, roll up your sleeves, and volunteer. Look for those people who worship in your general vicinity week after week, then take the extra step os suggesting lunch after worship.

But whatever you do, be aware of the faith relationships that help support your discipleship walk. Family, friends, fellow church members are all gifts from God; they are there both to support you and to give you the opportunity to serve.


“Reach In” Sermons


Pastor Justin Rossow
St. Luke, Ann Arbor

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