Reach Out

“As you go,” Jesus said, “disciple the nations.” It’s His last command, and it’s at the heart of who Jesus is. To Reach Out is to be part of the mission of God that started long before we were here and will continue until Jesus comes again. To Reach Out is quite simply to be in line with Jesus.

There are lots of ways to Reach Out: some involve mission work in far away countries. Some require great sacrifice. But most are simply ordinary conversations with regular people in our day to day lives. To Reach Out “as you go” is to see every relationship and every day as an arena of God’s eternal mission. Your prayers, your offerings, but also your life participates in God’s act of Reaching Out to a lost world.

Because our world is fallen, Reaching Out will always be complicated by our own fears and failings as well as natural resistance to the promises of God. So Jesus sends us Out, but also promises His presence: “As you go, disciple the nations … and I will be with you to the end of the age.”

Reaching Out isn’t an option for followers of Jesus. It’s the natural outcome of following Someone who was willing to pay even the final price in order to bring us back home to God. And Reaching Out isn’t nearly as scary as we sometimes make it out to be. Simply live your life needing Jesus, and Reaching Out will somehow find you.

After all, it is Jesus Himself who is Reaching Out in and through you.


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Pastor Justin Rossow
St. Luke, Ann Arbor

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