Reach Up

The faithful posture of a follower of Jesus is reaching up with the open hands of a beggar. We believe that we have no spiritual gift or power except what God has placed in our empty hands. Reaching up is admitting we can’t do it on our own, we aren’t good enough, we have nothing to offer God when it comes to salvation. Reaching Up means needing Jesus every day.

In places like worship or Bible study God actually promise to come down to us, to fill our empty hands and empty lives with His promises and His gifts. As we gather around God’s Word and Meal, we look expectantly for the good things God Himself comes to give.

Then, forgiven, strengthened, renewed, redeemed, we lift our hands up in praise of the One who faithfully provides everything we have, both physically and spiritually.

The discipleship journey starts here: giving up on our own strength, righteousness, and honor, and Reaching Up to receive the strength, righteousness, and honor of Jesus instead.

“Reach Up” Sermons

Pastor Justin Rossow
St. Luke, Ann Arbor

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