The Spiritual Leadership Council, or “SLC,” is the primary lay leadership group in our congregation. As defined by our by-laws, this governance board is elected directly by the congregation and acts on behalf of the congregation to oversee and support the direction and mission of the church.

BillBill Mahler

Linda and I started at St. Luke in 1990 when I joined the faculty at Concordia College/University. We moved in 2003 and transferred to Trinity, Jackson. We moved back to Ypsilanti in 2010 and re-joined St. Luke. I have served the Lord and his church in various roles with several congregations, including the past 2 years as president of St. Luke.



AaronAaron Johnson
Vice President

I began attending University Lutheran Chapel during my Master’s Degree at U of M. When Kris and I got married and started having kids we needed a church with a nursery. We came to St. Luke and loved it. We have been here ever since.  I was SLC member at large 2 years ago and SLC Secretary last year. I also serve on the worship team playing bass and have served as an usher in the past.  Participating in Triads, Huddles and Home groups here at St. Luke has helped me connect with others and learn to see Jesus as an active influence and guide in my faith walk.


Roxanne Smith

I joined St. Luke in 1986 when I moved to Michigan for my first job. I have seen God lead our congregation through many phases, hard times and good times, and I am ever more grateful for our common dependence on Jesus.





Karla Chapman

I have been a member of St Luke for 15 years and the Treasurer for the past two.





Along with four congregational officers, our SLC includes three at large members. The Senior Pastor is also a non-voting member of the SLC.

EllenEllen Davis
At Large Member

The Lord brought us to St. Luke 22 years ago through our connection with St. Paul Lutheran School and has blessed us incredibly through all of you




Jim Sorgatz
At Large Member

Marian and I moved to Saline three years ago to be closer to our family and many friends who live in Michigan. We are excited to discover what plans God has for us here.




Jim Fink
At Large Member

We came to St. Luke in 1994 and became members in 1995.  I have served on Church Council, Board of Elders, Pastoral Call Committee (best church job ever), Men’s Ministry, Governance Review Committee, Communion Assistant and currently serve on the SLC.





Justin Rossow
Senior Pastor

Tell a story of how you have seen the kingdom show up in a meaningful way recently.

At Ann Davison’s memorial service, I was told two stories that went together. The first was of a young boy who had drawn a colorful picture during worship (kids often listen best when they are drawing). When his mom asked what they should do with the artwork, the boy indicated that he wanted to give it to the lady in the wheelchair. Of course, that lady was Ann, who even from her wheelchair basically led worship every week, singing with her whole body to the Lord of her salvation. She took joy in the young man’s gift and she took the crayon sketch home with her.

That morning I also heard about the line of people who came to Ann’s room to bid her farewell in her last days. Of course, friends and family were there. But others came as well—fellow residents at the nursing home where Ann started a Bible study the day she arrived (and intentionally passed on leadership when she knew she was becoming too frail); workers from the home who wanted to thank her for her joyful spirit and way she received care; the lady who did the laundry, who’s life was touched by Ann’s prayers.

And hanging on the wall near Ann’s bedside, overseeing the entire procession, was a hand-drawn work of art from the heart of a young boy, given in love to a woman he knew from worship every week.

I wonder if sometimes we feel too old or too young, too frail or too inexperienced, too busy or too burdened to be used by Jesus in His kingdom work. But in the hands of a young boy and the heart of a dying woman I witnessed the Kingdom of God breaking into ordinary lives. And that gives me hope for how Jesus is going to use me, and us.

You can learn more about how we are organized to join Jesus on His mission by reading this blog or watching the video below.

The congregation annually elects the officers and at-large members of the SLC.

Please keep these members in your prayers as they seek to serve Jesus by serving you.