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The Best Anti-Isolation Recipe

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By Arthur Clarke
Isolation can be a big problem after retirement. I missed the noisy hallways and excited classrooms  and I felt very isolated after […]

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You’re the 2nd Most Important Thing in My Life…

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By Ben Meyers

Last week my wife Chelsea and I were able to join several others from St. Luke at a 2-day marriage retreat located […]

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Losing (and Finding) Your Place

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by Michell Porisch

I lost my place when Byron passed away on November 17, 2013. I became a widow.

There was an empty chair at our […]

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Moving Past Selfie Prayer

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By Jason Hallman
There, one row up and across the aisle, I watched a young woman snap a selfie with her smartphone.  Our plane was […]

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Joining the Prayer of Jesus

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By Justin Rossow
Jesus is praying for you.
I was reminded of that truth as I prepared for last Sunday’s sermon on the Garden of Gethsemane. […]

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Giving Statements – Available Now

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Your yearly giving statements are available in Connect. Our church management software is secure, convenient, and simple, providing each of us with the opportunity to […]

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Preparing for the Journey

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By Matt Hein

Anytime I approach the beginning of a journey I want to know something about what is ahead. My excitement jumps to another […]

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The Daily Grind

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By Andy Smith

When my wife and I brought our son home from the hospital, several days after he was born, we were beyond happy […]

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He Provides. He Prevails.

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By Larry Armbruster

There several times when God has “broken into my life”. About fifteen years ago, when I was working for Bayer, I was […]

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Finding the Beauty in Man

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By Rachael Varblow

Hiking down a mountain in Woodstock, VT, I was surrounded by the splendor of creation. Wild daisies and Sweet William intermixed with ferns […]