Youth and Families

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Youth and Family Discipleship Call Committee

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Introducing the Youth and Family Discipleship Call Committee

(From left to right: Pastor Matt Hein, Maddie Fancett, Joel Iverson, Liz Fancett, Mike Hasey, Karen Baker, […]

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Preparing for First Communion

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On October 16, 2016, we will have the privilege of witnessing young disciples celebrating their first communion at St. Luke. Jesus will meet them […]

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When Seasons Seem Too Short…

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By Lynn Corker

Maybe you have said this in recent weeks, “Is summer really over? It feels like it flew by!” With the start of […]

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Holy Land Adventure VBS 2015 Photo Gallery

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Thank you so much to all of our volunteers for Holy Land Adventure! 
We had about 30 adult volunteers and 20 youth serving.  We […]

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Sheepfold May Dates & VBS 2015 Preview

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This year, our Sheepfold at St. Luke-Ann Arbor has the opportunity to extend for two more weeks than usual. We will continue to meet […]

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Focal Point and Author of My Faith

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By Jan McMorris
There are many labels each of us wears throughout life. Some of the labels which could describe me include: wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, […]

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Thank you to our Sheepfold Volunteers

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On Sunday, April 19, we had a wonderful breakfast for the Sheepfold Volunteers. It was estimated that we have over 220 combined years of […]

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Youth Ministry Update

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Hey everyone!
We’ve had a busy couple of months in youth ministry. It’s been great! We’ve headed to SpringHill (twice), started up regular Mexicali planning […]

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Finding God in the Steps to the Future

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By Andrew Osborne and Hannah Iverson
As a youth leader at St. Luke Lutheran Church, one of my biggest tasks is to help students understand what […]

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Winter Bible Study Options

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By Matt Hein

With the beginning of 2015 comes the beginning of a new series of midweek and Sunday Bible studies across the St. Luke […]