It is easy to get overwhelmed at a second time around store or at a Mom2Mom event. Often the racks are overrun with clothing and you are not quite sure of how clean the clothes, toys, and shoes might be. You may be unsure of putting your children in somebody else’s clothes. But the prices are so cheap and reasonable. Here are 10 tips to help you as you enter a second time around store or a Mom2Mom event.

10 Tips for a Resell It Shop or Mom2Mom event

  • Come with a list!

It is easy to get overwhelmed at these sales and at resell shops. One of the best things you can do to help keep yourself from being overwhelmed is to be prepared with a list. Know what types of items you are looking for and the sizes you need. That way you can easily skip past the incorrect size or color or style. And come away less stressed and happy with your purchases!

  • Look for clothes for your kids outside play time in the sad, mud, and dirt.

We have a drawer of what is known as ‘mud clothes’. These are clothes that you can play in and get very dirty and mom doesn’t care. Often these come from your own old clothes, but not always. Sometimes it is nice to have clothes that are slightly nicer for the park or a friends house and still not worry about what happens to them. These are the type of clothes you can find easily!

  • Church clothes are always a good find.

Often fancy dresses are not worn very often before a child grows out of them. These can be worn for church or a fancy event.

  • Look for dress up clothes or costumes.

Some of the same items as above could be used as dress up clothes. You know those ring bearer and flower girls dresses that are only worn once or twice. These make great dress up clothes. Also, Halloween costumes are usually only worn once and can then be passed around.

  • Polo shirts or school uniforms are a good find.

Often people have a large selection of these kind of items. Or they have changed schools and no longer need this style of clothing. So make sure to look for these kind of school items at these sales and stores.

  • Come Early for the best selection!

The good stuff sells quickly. So being there at the start of the sale is the best option. Doors open at 9am this Saturday at St. Luke!

  • Maternity clothes and items are always good to find.

It is always nice to get some new maternity clothes and most are not worn out by the time a mom is done with them. So look for these items and other maternity items at these sales and stores!

  • Big items are HOT!

The big items such as strollers, pack-n-plays, big toys, and outdoor equipment go quickly! Often you want to start your shopping at this area!

  • Toys are good to find.

Many times you can find toys, books, and games that are in excellent shape. Children grow out of toys or we often collect more than we need and so it is easy to find things that are in great shape for a wonderful price!

  • You can often find handmade and homemade items such as bows for a personal touch.

At many Mom2Mom sales and resell stores you can find that personal homemade bow or hat or vest. Those are always nice to find as a special treat or perfect little gift!

St. Luke’s MOPS will host their annual Mom2Mom sale this Saturday, March 22nd from 9-1pm. The admission is $1 and strollers are allowed! There will also be a concession area for a quick snack!  The event is located at St. Luke, Ann Arbor on Washtenaw just east of US23.