By Bill Breumister- Michigan Church Extension Fund

Have you included a Christian Preamble as part of your planning documents? You may be asking, What’s the purpose of a Christian Preamble? First, take a look at an example of a Preamble.

First, I commit myself to God’s care, secure in His love for me and trusting in the salvation purchased for me through Christ’s suffering and death. I leave those who survive me the comfort of knowing that I have died in this faith and have now joined my Lord in eternal glory.
Second, I commend my loved ones to the protecting arm of God, knowing that He will continue to provide for them despite my absence; and encourage them to place their faith and trust in Him alone.

Using a Christian Preamble first and foremost can be a comfort to your family, assuring them that God has kept His promises and you are safely home.

It can also be an encouragement to them, reminding them to continue their personal quiet time, prayer and Bible study. You want them to continue attending services and growing in faith so you will be reunited with them.

A Christian Preamble may also be a quiet witness, planting the seed that may bring someone else to a personal relationship with God.

Some people choose to use a short, simple preamble like the one above, while others use this as a starting point and write some additional paragraphs, expressing other ideas important to them. Still others choose to write a preamble that is entirely their own thoughts.

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