By Marilyn Geyer

What’s the compassionate Christian Response to Crisis Pregnancy? This question produces quite a dialogue in Christian circles. We all want to show the love of Jesus and do the right thing.

The how seems to be the problem. The pro-life movement has picked up the reputation as being mean and judgmental. There is also a strong interest in our churches being seeker-friendly. We are concerned that taking a visible pro-life stand may scare away prospective seekers. I’ve thought about this problem for years and, although I don’t have much time or space to discuss it thoroughly, I do have a few ideas I’d like to share.

First of all, helping others come into a real relationship with Jesus is most important. Everything else flows from that. I’ve never heard any pro-lifer express that pro-life should come before sharing Jesus with people. I think we would say that Christians take a pro-life stance because God deeply loves each person He has created.

God deeply loves each person He has created.

Having worked with lots of pro-life people for many years, I also have to say that the attitude I see in them over and over again is compassion, not judgment. My friend, Sandie, says she started doing pro-life work for the sake of the babies. After hearing women from Silent No More discuss their profound regrets over their abortions, Sandie is now doing pro-life work to help other mothers not have to deal with that kind of pain. To read one member share her own sorrow and regret on having an abortion check out the blog Starting Over.

The pro-life people I know do whatever it takes to help women deal with crisis pregnancies: driving, volunteering, counseling, befriending, providing for, supporting, etc. They strive to show Jesus’ love and compassion to those dealing with this difficult situation.

They strive to show Jesus’ love and compassion to those dealing with this difficult situation.

As we continue this important discussion we want to remember that Jesus loves each woman and child. It is through kindness, compassion, and Jesus’ love that we can support woman who are considering abortion or who have already made that decision.

We’d like to share a few easy things you can do to learn more and/or become more involved. First, come to the Life Sunday Bible class at 9:45 this Sunday, January 18. LCMS pastor and Hillsdale professor,  Dr. Korey Maas will be discussing Life,the Law, and Learning from the Early Church. The basic point is what contemporary Christians can learn from the example of the early church on this issue.

Next, please stop by our pro-life table in the lobby to pick up some literature. Becoming informed of the facts, is one very important step. Also pick up the little business cards for our 2 local pregnancy help centers and carry them with you in your purse or wallet. If you ever hear anyone discussing abortion as their only choice, let them know there are real alternatives available. Also, pick up a pro-life candle to place on your porch Wednesday, January 21, to commemorate all the lives lost to abortion.

The most important way we can help, of course, is to pray. We’ll have a wonderful opportunity to join with other Christians on Wednesday, January 21 at the Bible Church, 611 E Cross in Ypsilanti at 7pm, for our annual racial and Christian unity and pro-life prayer service.

Just in case you were planning to attend the Help the Homeless event at St Luke that night, you’ll still have an exciting pro-life prayer
opportunity available Thursday morning at 8AM, at Planned Parenthood on Professional Drive. Our own Pastor Ted Jungkuntz, Pastor Frison and Pastor Yuille will be leading this prayer time. (Afterwards, please to join us for breakfast at Denny’s)

On Friday, January 30 we’ll be having our annual pro-life youth rally at Gabriel Richard High School, starting with pizza at 6:30pm. Iris Proctor, from Arbor Vitae Pregnancy Help Center, will be our speaker. We’ll close with a time of praise and worship led by the Gabriel Richard student worship band. Last year’s rally was incredible!

God is with us as we try to help people dealing with this hard situation. Please join us. If you have questions please contact at Marilyn Geyer or (734)973-2422.