By Rebekah Sukach

 Ahh – we all know how refreshing a cool cup of water is on a hot, August day, when we are working much harder than we would like to be. It seems to cool the entire body and give us strength to continue our task.

Just like our body, our spirit can become bogged down by problems or circumstances that we can’t seem to stop worrying over.

Sometimes, talking out a problem can give our spirit and emotions the same relief that the cup of water gives our body. There are times when we feel that we just can’t go on, or no one understands what we are facing, or we don’t know how we will deal with our circumstances.

Yet, many times, simply talking about the situation and praying with someone can help blow away the cobwebs. We emerge refreshed and ready to tackle our daily lives with renewed vigor.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your life, or a specific circumstance, there is a spiritual cup of cool water available to you. Simply ask for a Stephen Minister!

A Stephen Minister will be glad to walk with you through your rough time. They will pray with you and for you and simply help you sort out what you are facing. All conversations with Stephen Ministers are completely confidential – no one needs to know you have asked for help unless you want them to.

A Stephen Minister will be glad to walk with you through your rough time.

If you have the desire to learn more about working with a Stephen Minister, contact one of the Stephen Leaders: Peg Long 734-368-0558 or Becky Sukach 734-417-5443.

Stephen Ministers like to say that we are the care-givers, but God is the Cure-giver. We would love to share a cup of cool water with you!