By Dan Flynn

Everyone has 168 hours in their week to do what they need to do. We often hear the complaint that there just isn’t enough time. So, we create special calendars and priority lists with the intention of controlling our time.

One of the struggles is having time with our families. This could be as simple as time with your spouse or coordinating schedules of all the kids and the parents so you can have a meal together. It is a battle.

Starting the week of May 7 and going through Father’s Day, June 18, we are going to post on the St. Luke web site a recipe you can use during that week. Each recipe is intended to be easy and quickly made. The goal is to have a recipe that uses typical foods and spices you have in your pantry. We are also going to provide a question you can ask each other. We want to help uncomplicate your life a bit and give you all a chance to talk to each other.

On Mother’s Day, May 14 and Father’s Day, June 18, we’ll be posting a full meal to cook but also handing out a packet at worship. The packet will have the dinner recipes but also questions to talk about and a card that you can write to someone who is special in your life. You can make the card a family project.

Your home is the anchor for sustaining a healthy life physically, emotionally and spiritually. We want to encourage your homes and offer you a blessing of simple meals and a fun question to share.

May you be encouraged by these meals. We do all journey together.



Check out some recipes!