by Dan Flynn

On May 5, we depart to Israel for a nine day tour of the Holy Land. As Gail and I considered doing another trip (this is my third trip and Gail’s second), we wanted to focus on Israel and the stories of the Scripture.

Our goal is that we experience the land and culture so our understanding of Scripture is enhanced. There is something to walking in the place where Solomon established a chariot city (Megiddo), visiting Caesarea where Paul was imprisoned, or standing on the steps of the Temple in Jerusalem. Each of the places we visit will give us a new perspective on the biblical stories that we have all studied. There is something to standing on the Mount of Olives as Jesus and the Disciples did. The panorama is extraordinary.

The cost of the trip is $3681.00 which includes everything for the trip but lunch (cost is between $6.00-$12.00). Yes, this includes the plane flight, staying in 4 and 5 star hotels, two meals a day, all tips, a tour guide and bus, and entrance into all of the sites. One option to purchase is a camel ride into the desert near the Dead Sea to see the ruins of an ancient village.

While in Jerusalem we are going to visit Shevet Achim. St. Luke has given quarterly offerings to this fine ministry. Shevet takes care of children with congenital heart defects, many from Isalmic countries, to have surgery in the modern medical facilities in Israel. Take a look at their web site. While we are in Israel, our fourth quarter offering will be going to Shevet Achim.

Often the question of safety is the first to be asked. In any of my trips to Israel I have never felt any unusual fear of safety. We took 27 in 2012 and none of us felt any safety fears while in Israel. Just like any large city, use common sense while wandering the Old City of Jerusalem. Israel has a fine road system and, by and large, the convenience we are used to when we travel in the U.S.

On Nov. 23, 4 p.m., we are hosting an introductory meeting at our home in Whitmore Lake. Please come and hear more details on the trip. This will give you more details on what we want to accomplish on the trip.

Check out this website for our trip details or email Dan for more information.

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