By Alexandra H.

Confirmation Class of 2015

Exodus 14:14 “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”

When the Isrealites were escaping from Egypt and the Egyptians were chasing them, they probably found it hard to trust Moses when he told them that they only had to be still because the Lord would fight for them. They believed that they were doomed. They literally said that they would have rather served the Egyptians than die in the wilderness. But God did not fail them when he parted the Red Sea. I know God will never fail me, either.

This verse is important to my life because when I was younger I was afraid I wasn’t saved and was going to go to hell. I would say the sinner’s prayer at VBS or other children’s ministries over and over again. I didn’t feel anything; I thought that it didn’t “work.” The leaders at the VBS always encouraged us to tell someone if we said that prayer. I was too embarrassed to.

As I got older I didn’t struggle so much in that area; I thought that since I hadn’t told someone I had said the prayer that it didn’t “work.” Now I know that’s not true. It’s Jesus who does the work to save me; I just receive it.

But as the verse shows, there’s a war waging around me. I am in the mist of the battle; the devil tells me I will die if I don’t fight! However, Jesus tells me I can stay still because God, the Father, has put a shield around me to protect me.

I have to trust God even though it is hard. This verse challenges me to let go of my control. It promises me that I can be still and let Jesus do the work.

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