By Rick Wilson

I’m a veteran
I served twice
1972 to 1975
then I went back in 1980.

When 911 happened
I tried to go back again
but they said I was too old
man that hurt
I have always been a fighter
I didn’t like it!

As time went on I watched
thinking I could help somehow
I’m a warrior!

I thought my time was over.
God had other plans!

I received that call a few years ago
the Lord wanted me
he needed a warrior
not to fight for a country
but to fight for a world
not to fight against flesh and blood
but to fight against the powers of this dark world
and against spiritual forces of evil  in heavenly realms.

Not with guns
but with a sword
the word of God
and prayer
and love.

I am a warrior for the Lord
now on one final mission.

I’m a veteran
that has become a solder.