By Amy Robson

Since attending ULC six years ago, we have “adopted” two young women, students at U of M. The experience has been rewarding and fun for our family and for me personally. Our first student graduated and still visits the chapel occasionally. We, then, adopted our current student as a freshman, and she is now a senior. She is the same age as our oldest daughter who attends college out- of-state. Her presence has been a balm and a joy!

“Adopting” a student has not been about an obligation but about a relationship. Most often, we see each other at church and at brunch, which gives us an opportunity to chat and keep up with each other. As our schedules allow, we meet for coffee, lunch, dinner, etc. (Students always appreciate good food!) These times allow us to share more deeply and ask about prayer concerns.

At times, our student is bogged down with studying. This gives us an opportunity to serve her. Bringing her soup, care packages, cookies, etc. provides support and a little taste of home without the time commitment. Occasionally, she has taken up our offer to do her laundry. That’s when she really feels like my daughter!  It truly feels great to help in tangible ways!

Our student will graduate this year, and we will miss her!! It’s been both fun and a privilege to be part of her life. While we plan to keep in touch with her, we also plan to “adopt” another student!


If you are interested in adopting a student email Michelle Armbruster or call 734-972-5491. Townies and students will be matched in October.