By Becky Majesky

Women are not all alike; we can’t all be lumped into a category of people who love jewelry, obsess over shoes, insist on wearing pink, cry too often, or look in mirrors every chance we get. I spent a great deal of my younger adult years trying to define who I was within the normal range of femininity, yet decidedly unlike the previous generations that defined womanhood.

To my surprise, as a young mother, I realized I was a lot like other women. When I was in my early 30’s I joined a Bible study group which consisted of women in all seasons and walks of life, women who were not much like me (I thought).

By stepping outside my typical circle of friends and the places I sought belonging, I learned that women have a way of connecting. Through an ever-changing frame of perspective, I now appreciate lots of different women.

One shining example of how women connect and brighten the lives of other women is Advent by Candlelight. This event is the best of what women are for each other. Each hostess gets to showcase something lovely on her table that welcomes and blesses the senses of those who attend.

I have found such wonder in the colors, styles, attention to detail, thematic creativity, and love these women bring to something as conceptually simple as table settings and centerpieces.

Sitting in the company of sisters in Christ as the worldly pressure of Christmastime begins to crowd in upon us, the women of St. Luke are blessed with a treasure for the heart each year. A reprieve from the commercialism, a break from the bustle, a time to sit down and remember why.

Whether it’s the food, the atmosphere, the conversation, the program and music, being served by our men, or just the retreat, there is sure to be something for every woman, no matter who she is.

Year after year I have brought non-church friends to my table at Advent by Candlelight and without fail, one or two of them have been blessed in deeply meaningful ways. I don’t know what this year’s event has in store, but I do look forward with anticipation to a blessed night.

Click here to find out more information and register for Advent by Candlelight. We look forward to seeing you on Dec. 8th at 6:30 p.m.!