By Miriam Rossow

Church, Boar’s Head performance at Concordia University, and then Advent By Candlelight in the evening. This was my schedule for the first weekend in December last year. And frankly I was not so sure I was going to make it to Advent By Candlelight. I was tired from a long day and frankly a long weekend. However, my mother in law was in town and I had been invited to join a group of ladies I was hoping to connect with a little more. So I went.

It was such an enjoyable evening as I relaxed, laughed, sang, and reflected on the Christmas story. And don’t forget the wonderful desserts! What a spread; chocolates, cakes, pies, cookies, cheesecake, and so much more. So much to enjoy!

And beautiful decorations on each table. Each table different to reflect the personality of the hostess. We were also treated to songs and stories performed by high school students, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons. Such a joy to see families worship and share talents together.

I am very glad I made the effort to attend this event. It was enjoyable, relaxing, uplifting, built relationships, and was a great start to my Advent preparation. This year Advent By Candlelight will be on December 7, from 6 – 8 p.m. at Whitmore Lake High School. Come enjoy, laugh, eat, be treated to some wonderful music and great fellowship! If you are planning on coming or would like to host a table please let us know by signing up here.

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