By Michelle Armbruster

Allen Williams will be displaying his images from around the world as well as pieces from his light painting series in his Common Cup show, “Around the World and into Another,” through the month of September.


A world traveler and WCC photography graduate, Allen will display photos from his travels and well as work from his unique project titled “The Sherwood Forest.” He hikes into the night with colored spot lights and uses a “light painting” technique on various landscapes. With this technique he is able to capture a spectrum of colors on various areas of the landscape giving them a surreal, almost alien landscape like effect. These pictures are printed on tin which adds another interesting element.

Allen’s artist reception is on Friday, September 27, at The Common Cup. It will feature The Tone Farmers, featuring bassist Brennan Andes and trumpeter Ross Huff of the Macpodz, a successful local band.

Come enjoy the artwork anytime and be sure to attend the reception. You won’t want to miss this unique event!

Visit the artist’s website for more information.