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Andrew Smith teaches History and German in a public high school, has interests in philosophy, theology, history, languages, and blogging. He is married to Roxanne; they have one son, Jakob. He enjoys bicycling and baseball.

Church Staff Giving Opportunity

Every December, the people of St. Luke have the opportunity to give a gift to the congregation’s staff. It’s a way

Church Staff Giving Opportunity2021-12-02T13:48:40-05:00

Update on COVID-19 Frontline Workers Fund

Incredible! That’s what you are! In just under three weeks, our community gave almost $5,000 to support hospital workers. Last week, Angel

Update on COVID-19 Frontline Workers Fund2020-05-20T08:48:42-04:00

The Daily Grind

By Andy Smith When my wife and I brought our son home from the hospital, several days after he was born, we

The Daily Grind2016-01-03T10:39:02-05:00

God’s Messenger Service

As we enter the season of Advent, the frequent mention of ‘angels’ strikes us. They appear throughout the events which begin the

God’s Messenger Service2015-12-23T10:41:48-05:00

What Do Dead People Do All Day?

By Andy Smith I've lived long enough that I've lost a number of people I love--family and friends. I've cried at funerals,

What Do Dead People Do All Day?2015-11-06T13:11:34-05:00

Watch God at Work!

by Andy Smith So often, I read Scripture, or listen to a sermon, and walk away with the thought: "OK, so here's

Watch God at Work!2015-10-19T10:57:47-04:00

Sometimes, I Simply Want to Give Up

by Andy Smith I’m over fifty years of age. I’m supposed to eat less fat, fewer carbs, exercise more often, drink more

Sometimes, I Simply Want to Give Up2015-08-24T14:37:10-04:00

See What Condition

By Andy Smith In 1968, the First Edition had a hit song called “I Just Dropped in to See What Condition My Condition

See What Condition2015-06-17T20:48:30-04:00
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