About Lynn Corker

Lynn Corker is a lay missionary and the founder of Women of the Pearl, a ministry to women in Uganda. She enjoys traveling and speaking about her ministry and loves spending time with her friends and family.

When Seasons Seem Too Short…

By Lynn Corker Maybe you have said this in recent weeks, “Is summer really over? It feels like it flew by!” With

When Seasons Seem Too Short…2016-09-01T16:52:54-04:00

I’m Just Thinking About It…

By Lynn Corker I carry around this deep conviction; I should be doing more to help/volunteer/support my community. Have you ever felt

I’m Just Thinking About It…2016-08-20T17:11:21-04:00

Spur One Another On

You know what SOUNDS really easy? Walking away. Leaving. Giving up. Avoiding. When we are faced with hard work, a really tough

Spur One Another On2016-06-15T09:31:03-04:00


By Lynn Corker What’s on your nightstand? I have a tablet, a glass of water, some hand lotion, a lamp, and my



by Lynn Corker I have always loved pearls. Their diversity in color, shape, size, how they grow, where they grow, is all

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