About Matt Hein

Pastor Matt Hein is Minister of Discipleship at St. Luke – Ann Arbor. He is the father of four children and the husband of Jennifer. Besides enjoying almost any outdoor activity, Matt is passionate about helping people connect faith with life as they follow Jesus more intentionally.

The Story Begins…

The Story What could happen if we took a journey as a whole community through the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation? What

The Story Begins…2019-09-30T10:07:05-04:00

Life Together

1 & 2 Timothy Sometimes it’s helpful to get back to the basics in order to move forward in confidence. This is

Life Together2019-06-25T15:01:31-04:00

The Red Letter Challenge

What would change if you immersed yourself in the words spoken by Jesus for 40 days? How would Jesus shape your life

The Red Letter Challenge2019-01-10T11:01:53-05:00

Celebrating Partnerships

By Matt Hein and Iris Proctor I love watching Jesus bring people and organizations together to accomplish immeasurably more than they could

Celebrating Partnerships2018-05-29T14:24:54-04:00

St. Luke Confirmation 2018-2019

Back in 2014, St. Luke shifted to a Confirmation process that is discipleship focused, relationally driven, and helps us follow Jesus in

St. Luke Confirmation 2018-20192018-01-18T15:07:41-05:00

Director of Youth and Family Discipleship

Back in June, the Youth and Family Discipleship Call/Search Committee was introduced with a promise. The committee would begin gathering names of

Director of Youth and Family Discipleship2017-08-17T15:01:43-04:00

Every Story Matters

By Matt Hein Each summer for the past 10 years, St. Luke has brought together our junior and senior high youth to

Every Story Matters2017-05-22T09:20:24-04:00
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