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Roxanne M. Smith is the author of Struck Down, but not Destroyed, an autobiography about living with disabling chronic pain for 23 years. She has also published a Bible study with Lutheran Women in Mission called Living with Pain: Strength and Survival. She is thankful to be married to Andy, her best friend and life partner, and they are proud parents of Jakob. Check out more from Roxanne at

Helping COVID-19 Frontline Workers

by Roxanne Smith St. Luke has an exciting opportunity to reach out in love to healthcare workers during the pandemic. Our Care

Helping COVID-19 Frontline Workers2020-05-18T10:11:58-04:00

Is This Really About Coffee?

by Roxanne Smith It was going to be a special weekend. Our son Jakob was coming home from college. He and my

Is This Really About Coffee?2015-11-02T09:06:11-05:00

Grace Sweet Grace: An Interview

By Roxanne Smith and Jeff Greunke Jeff Greunke taught us a new song yesterday. It’s called “The Sound of Grace,” and it’s written

Grace Sweet Grace: An Interview2015-07-24T08:50:25-04:00

Four Types of Healing

By Roxanne Smith Have you ever prayed for healing and felt betrayed when God’s answer was “No” or “Wait”? Have you known other

Four Types of Healing2015-06-16T22:55:40-04:00

Join the Cheer!

By Roxanne Smith God’s got a plan! God’s got a time! God cares for you! God’s got a plan! God’s got a

Join the Cheer!2015-05-21T14:34:16-04:00

The Three-Legged Stool

By Roxanne Smith Depression is a terrible thing. When one struggles with depression they are caught in a world of hopelessness. The depression takes

The Three-Legged Stool2015-05-08T22:06:18-04:00

Fully on Grace

By Roxanne Smith I couldn’t figure out what I was missing. The sermon just wasn’t making sense to me. I was in my

Fully on Grace2015-04-22T13:51:30-04:00
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