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Roxanne M. Smith is the author of Struck Down, but not Destroyed, an autobiography about living with disabling chronic pain for 23 years. She has also published a Bible study with Lutheran Women in Mission called Living with Pain: Strength and Survival. She is thankful to be married to Andy, her best friend and life partner, and they are proud parents of Jakob. Check out more from Roxanne at http://roxannesmith.org

Greatest Need

By Roxanne Smith Sunday Pastor Matt preached on Mark chapter 2. The paralyzed man in the story wanted to see Jesus, but he

Greatest Need2015-01-22T11:06:35-05:00

Unlock the Doors

By Roxanne Smith O Key of David and scepter of the House of Israel; What you open no one else can shut;

Unlock the Doors2014-12-10T16:26:55-05:00

Creation Care

By Roxanne Smith When I was in graduate school, I had the privilege of dissecting a cadaver. My classmates and I were

Creation Care2014-11-24T11:13:05-05:00

Shaped For a Purpose

by Roxanne Smith Yesterday the sermon was about being a clay pot. Pastor Rossow told us that he had watched some YouTube

Shaped For a Purpose2014-09-23T16:00:00-04:00

Missing My Dad’s Funeral

By Roxanne Smith Of the many things that my disability has caused me to miss in the past 24 years, being unable

Missing My Dad’s Funeral2014-08-05T14:38:16-04:00

When a Bulb Knows It’s a Lily

By Roxanne Smith On Easter I wasn't in the mood for celebrating. It’s been a really hard three months. My father is dying,

When a Bulb Knows It’s a Lily2014-04-23T21:24:27-04:00

Help! I’m In a Crisis!

By Becky Sukach and Roxanne Smith Everyone needs help at times. Most of us like to think we have our lives fairly

Help! I’m In a Crisis!2014-04-16T11:32:59-04:00

Invisible Things Are Still Real

Lenten Devotion for Thursday, March 20 By Roxanne Smith Read John 18:33-40 I have a Jewish friend named Abby. She was born

Invisible Things Are Still Real2014-03-19T14:55:05-04:00

Unfulfilled Wishes

I love the Rocky Mountains. I love Glacier National Park in Montana, and I love Estes Park west of Denver. There’s nothing like

Unfulfilled Wishes2015-05-26T13:45:13-04:00
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