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About The St. Luke Community

St. Luke-Ann Arbor is a place for families of any kind to come and meet Jesus, and grow in their relationship with each other and the community around them. We are here to become intentional in our faith walk and to receive His grace and forgiveness weekly. St. Luke is diverse in age, culture, and family make-up, but we all are looking to connect people to Jesus and walk along side them as they explore and learn more about the God that created, saved, and sustains them. At St. Luke we believe that the home is the primary place for faith formation and we want to equip, support, encourage, and resource you as you follow Jesus with the people He has put around you.
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Growing Circles

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Because of YOUR Generosity, Circles Has Grown! 

Meet Our Second Group: Circles Washtenaw County, Class of 2018 

Circles Washtenaw County started a second class of Circle […]

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By Carolyn Steenstra

Have you ever been singing the song “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” and wondered what an Ebenezer was? If you don’t […]

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The People, The Story, The Church

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By Heather VanHartesveldt

If I were to create a timeline of how my faith story started, it would begin before I even knew what religion […]

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Be Kind

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By Lori Brinkey

As part of our sermon series this month, we have been asked to read 42 Seconds by Carl Medearis. In the first […]

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Houston Mission Trip

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By Chad Moyer

First I want to thank you for this opportunity to go to Houston!!

I look forward to more trips to Houston, they still […]

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The Palms of Palm Sunday

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By Phil Geyer

On Palm Sunday we commemorate Christ’s triumphant entrance into Jerusalem. People cheering and shouting. People climbing trees and grabbing palm branches. People […]

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By Michell Porisch
Every Tuesday I have the privilege to eat a meal at St. Luke and share something new and good about my week […]

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Shalom In The Home  

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By Judy Maynard

Does your home bless those who enter it with peace and love? Is it a welcoming place for your spouse or yourself?

If […]

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He is Our Hope and Our Rest

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A friend  and family member of St. Luke, Sarah Crowder is a teacher at Faith Lutheran Middle School & High School in Las Vegas. The […]

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Lessons in Gardens for Growth

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By Lori Brinkey

I have really enjoyed working at the tables and hearing the stories of many people who I maybe recognized from attending church […]