By Linda Murdock

A brand new backpack to start the school year is a normal request for today’s elementary, middle, or high school student. But in Northfield Township, there are families for whom it’s more difficult to provide new school supplies.

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from Andrew Bishop, Food Pantry and Program Coordinator at Northfield Human Services, located in Whitmore Lake. Here is what Andrew had to say about circumstances in the surrounding neighborhoods:

Everyone knows how important our children’s future is; and we, Northfield Human Services, provide many of our families children with everyday needs to grow and become successful individuals in our community and nation. It is time for the school year to kick-start, and we want to make sure that children have the resources necessary to complete school tasks… As the economy is so ever-changing, we as parents and individuals know the difficulties of “not having” the tools …required to accomplish even the smallest task.

The “Back to School” program at Northfield Human Services provides paper, pens, notebooks, calculators, rulers, folders, three-ringed binders, hand sanitizer, and other everyday items that a student needs to do schoolwork, homework, projects, and lessons. I want to make 2014 even better than last year, and I am asking for parents, organizations, and individuals to help make this happen so that the next generation will have what it needs to succeed in learning.

Living Water is collecting backpacks and school supplies for it’s annual “Backpacks for Kids’ drive. Last year we accomplished our goal, but this year we already know that 22 families have asked NHS for filled backpacks. The goal is to provide for 25 families with contributions from all three St. Luke sites. 

Here is a list of school supplies being requested by Northfield Human Services. Please consider donating to this worthy cause or providing a monetary donation in any amount. We do know that a backpack (filled with necessities) would cost about $35.00. As you prepare your family for school help a family in need also be ready .

Items needed:

Backpacks for all students ages K-12
General ruled paper/college ruled paper
Number 2 pencils/erasers
Pens: Black/blue
3-ringed binders/folders
Hand sanitizer
Monetary Donations (Checks made out to St. Luke Lutheran Church)