Lenten Devotion for Wednesday, March 12

By Jeff Greunke

Read John 18:15-24

As a musician on tour, you are often given a lanyard with what is known as an “all-access” pass to go anywhere you want backstage. It is also a coveted item for anyone who wants to get near the stars of the band. In order to get one, you have to know somebody with connections.

In today’s reading, a similar situation occurs. I had never noticed this happening until now. John, the writer, was connected enough to get into the high priest’s courtyard but Peter had to stay outside the gate. Then John came back and vouched for Peter, and the woman watching the gate let him in.

What could this possibly mean for your life?

John was probably known by the people in the courtyard, a hostile environment for sure, yet he decided to enter anyway and was freely granted access. You probably have places and situations that only you can go–not your pastor, your friends, your teachers–but only you! You can witness to those whom others can’t reach.

John also was able to get Peter into enemy territory. Because of John’s connections, Peter could get in where others could not. That was certainly a risky move for both of them but what a comfort knowing each one was there and had the other’s back. Being connected that closely with Jesus could have incriminated them too yet they took that chance.

We each have a responsibility to witness. That’s the command Jesus gave to us. You might be the only one able to witness where you are. Will you?

We pray: Lord, show us the places in our lives where we have a backstage pass to share You. Show us the special people in our lives that we can connect to You. And give us the courage and words to share with those people. Amen.

Family discussion:

Are there places in your life that are for special people? Maybe the locker rooms before a game, backstage before a theater performance or in the orchestra pit. Parents, maybe at your work you have access to places that others do not. What does it feel like to be allowed into these places? Are there people that God has put in your life that you may be able to reach better than someone else?

Everyday object:

A ticket to a game or movie. Maybe even an office key or security pass.