Lenten Devotion for Tuesday, March 11

By Becky Majesky

Read John 13:31-38

My kids love commercials. They love learning tag lines, quoting the phrases that define the products and companies we all know, and then sharing their critical take on it. There was a commercial a few months ago that was particularly amusing, both to their young boy eyes and from my mom perspective.

The scene is a grocery store checkout with a mom and preschool boy in line. The boy is clearly in a pirate phase, dressed up complete with a toy sword. After a moment, the boy catches a glimpse of the elderly gentleman in the next line … wearing an eye patch.

The pirate child jumps into a fighting stance preparing to duel but the mom swings into action, just in the nick of time completing her purchase and making a rapid exit.

Commercials do an amazing job of painting a picture with quickly recognizable visuals. In this case, we are audience to this child recognizing a “real” pirate. The use of the word recognize in today’s scripture is in the context of Jesus explaining His new command to love one another.

Jesus wants us to know exactly how we will be recognized as His: when others see the love we have for each other.

Imagine a commercial portrayal of Jesus’ disciples. How would the world recognize one of His children in a 30-second TV spot? By the person loving as Jesus loves.

To love one another as Jesus loves us is to live a life thoroughly shaped by a love that knows no limits, by expressing a love that brings us closer in relationship with God, with Jesus, and with one another. It is a decision to live love.

Jesus wants us to know exactly how we will be recognized as His–when others see the love we have for each other.

We pray: Jesus, you lived with hard-to-love people yet loved anyway. You teach us that love is the very definition of who You are in Your people. Help us to live Your love today. Amen.

Family discussion:

Think of all the ways we recognize people. Some people, like pirates, are pretty easy to pick out. Often it is the tools of the trade that identify who a person is.

Everyday object:

As followers of Christ the “tools of the trade” that enable us to live love as He commanded are our bodies and minds. Identify which part(s) of your body you use to love others. How can your actions be seen as love?