This MOPS year was my last year. I have spent 14 years of mothering in MOPS groups all around the country being supported, encouraged, and equipped to be the best mom I can be. MOPS has been a huge part of my mothering experience. It has fostered friendships, supported me through times of uncertainty and joy, given me a place to serve my community and other mothers. MOPS has allowed me the chance to share Jesus through my real life experiences.

The MOPS theme this year was Be You Bravely. As mom’s we sometimes lose our identity and try to be everything to everyone. We have so much guilt for the things we do wrong or that we perceive that we are doing wrong. The theme verse Isaiah 43:18-19 encouraged us to forget the former ways because God is doing something new in us.

As we hold onto this promise we are assured that God is doing this new thing and we do not have to be afraid to mess up. He has a hold of us and in our weaknesses He will shine. So with the promise that God is doing something new in us we get to live bravely as our selves and the precious creatures God made and continues to make perfect!

So we bravely stepped out in our parenting trying something new or continuing down a path that was hard. We bravely stepped out in our relationships sharing secrets we were afraid to share. We shared thoughts and feelings about parenting that may have been different. We bravely lived loving the person that God made us to be always seeing His grace and love for us through Jesus. Some of us were brave by walking through a hard time with family, taking a step of faith to share Jesus with others in our neighborhood or in another country. Some of us bravely walk into a new phase in life even while we are unsure what it holds.

All these brave acts and thoughts are rooted in what God is forming in us. They are rooted in grace as we mess up. They are rooted in the unconditional, amazing love of Jesus! Be You Bravely- He is doing something new in you!

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