In this digital age when people are increasingly paying bills and conducting commerce online, we thought we should point out that you can also give your offerings and tithes online to your church. St. Luke Lutheran Church has offered this service for more than 10 years now.

So before you leave town for your summer vacations, go to and click on the GIVE tab, which takes you to our secure online giving page. Here you can make a one-time donation or create a login and set up your recurring offering/tithe.

The login will be your e-mail address and whatever password you create. This login is not connected to our Connect software at this time, but you can choose to use the same password for both, if you wish. No one can see what your password is in either service.

There are several benefits to online giving for both you and the church.

Benefits of Online Giving

It keeps the first things first.
The Bible indicates giving is to be “first” and not a last or leftover matter in our lives. Read Proverbs 3:9-10. It is easy to let our good intentions be compromised by the pressure of expenses and billing cycles.

It’s consistent.
Have you ever forgotten your checkbook or left a “ready to go” envelope at home? Have you had times where you have fallen behind because of travel or other schedule interruptions? Online giving provides a way to stay up to date with your budget.

It’s convenient.
Through online giving, you expedite your gift, simplify our accounting, and strengthen our base of regular support. It also saves the church from additional bank fees each month.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it safe to give online?

Yes. In many ways giving online is safer than writing a check because an electronic gift cannot be lost or stolen. The security of the system is continually managed by Vanco Services.

Q: Can I make a one-time contribution?

Yes. The system allows you the option of either making a one-time contribution or setting up a recurring contribution.

Q: Are there any fees involved with giving online?

No. Due to the generosity of Church Extension Fund, there are no fees to you or to us! They have graciously agreed to cover the fees the church would normally incur.

Overall, it is cheaper for the church to receive online donations than checks. Banks charge monthly fees to organizations that exceed a certain number of transactions per month. Online payments are batched together, whereas each check is counted as one transaction.

Q: Can I change my personal information or the amount or the frequency of my gift once I have set it up?

Yes. You can change or cancel your contribution at any time before the date of your next contribution. Simply log in to the system using your user name and password and make the necessary changes in the system. If you have troubles, you can always call Angie in the church office too.

Q: Can I designate my gift to a particular cause?

Yes, you can designate your gift to any of the funds listed, or select “Other” and earmark your gift via the comment field.


Still on the fence about it? Here are some testimonies that might help you decided.

“So, I discovered that I can give my tithe each month online at my church’s website. This may seem like a little thing, but for this momma who forgets the envelope every. single. time. this is revolutionary. Seriously, whoever thought of the stress relief this brings, I could hug you.” ~Jennifer H.

“We give online, because it’s easier for us. At first, I felt guilty, like people were staring at me as I let the offering plate pass me by, but I realized that my giving is between me and God. He knows what we give, how often, and what a sacrifice it is, and that is all that matters. I don’t forget about it because I see it come out of my bank account each month and plan for it in my monthly budget. I also find it very easy to login and increase the giving amount.” ~Angie M.

“Week after week, I could never remember my checkbook. When I finally did remember to bring it, I wasn’t able to write a check for the last six months’ worth of tithes. My giving was nowhere near where it should have been. Online giving is my guilt-free way to stay current. It’s been years now, and I never fall behind! ~Austin T.


Whether you give online or in person, all of your financial donations are tracked under your name in Connect. You can log in anytime and check your year-to-date financial donations.


If you have questions, please contact Angie Moyer at or
734-971-0550 x12