By David Granner

In October, 1987, members of St. Luke Lutheran Church began the ministry of Bethania Kids, caring for Suzanna Pandi, a young girl with polio. Soon a group home for about 20 some-odd impoverished, abused or orphaned children was established. Now, Bethania Kids serves over 1,000 children in 5 residential homes, 10 care centers, and 2 centers for children with disabilities.

St. Luke members have had an active role in this ministry since it’s founding. Founding member, David Granner, writes, “I thank God for all of my brothers and sisters of the greater St. Luke community who have helped make this ministry flourish.

Bethania Kids serves over 1,000 children in 5 residential homes, 10 care centers, and 2 centers for children with disabilities.

Now, what are we doing? The pastors of our St. Luke multi-site, David Granner and his fellowship group, along with current Bethania president, Ravi Srinivasan, will be hosting a program called You Are My Treasure, O Jesus and having a family meal together.

Here are the details:
When: Friday evening, September 26th at 6:30 pm for dinner
Where: St. Luke Lutheran Church (Dinner first in the gym; program in the sanctuary)
What: You Are My Treasure, O Jesus – a deepening relationship with our Lord

D2X 16508David says, “When my family moved to South India in 1966, Dayavu Dhanapal taught the language Tamil to my family, as well as to other American missionaries. Like Mother Tersea on a local level, Dayavu used to take care of prostitutes, lepers, and other impoverished people out of her back door. Bethania Kids began as a few families decided to support and extend the work of this kind and generous woman.

Back in the States during my high school years, Dayavu lived with my family for about 4 years. She prayed for me daily and taught me many things, including the cooking of an Indian meal, called Biryani.

I would like to prepare this meal as a gesture of love and affection for you, my local church family. I sincerely hope that our entire church family is able to gather together for this meal, for a time of prayer, enjoying a program with video to see the beautiful work that is happening in the lives of children, and most importantly, finding out what’s next in our Spirit-led ministry of reaching destitute children with Christ’s amazing love.

Please join us! RSVP by emailing David.

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