By Janette Haak

Gideon, Miriam, and Eden have all received Bibles in our two years at St. Luke. They took so much pride in decorating their covers and looked forward to receiving their Bibles with great anticipation. However, the best part for us has been watching them use their Bibles since. Eden still reads her PK3 Bible during her quiet room time. From the time she received her Bible she has poured over the stories and pictures, always wanting us to read them to her. It’s been two years since she received it and now she “teaches” Silas stories from it and he loves to sneak it out of her room to “read” for himself. I can’t wait for him to receive his Bible this year! Miriam not only reads hers regularly but also Bible journals artistically in it.

The joy and excitement the children express when they get their bibles is priceless. When their parents come to their class and help them decorate their bible totes, they are so proud to show them around and get their help with their project.

Both kids have so much looked forward to Bible Sunday. I remember the 1st bible they both got at 3 years old. Holden had me read him the stories out of the bible every single night over and over again. That bible was definitely worn over time. Adriana loved looking at the pictures and liked me to ask her what the bible stories were about or telling her. That is how she would remember each picture in the story.

 At 2nd grade both of them were very excited to get their next Bible. Holden felt very grown up to be able to have a bible with lots of words that he could read. Adriana liked her bible, but really missed all of the pictures that were in her first bible. She loves trying to pronounce the new words in there when she read.

This is one of their important milestones in their faith walk. During your child’s baptism, you promised to put a bible in your child’s hands and this is a confirmation of your commitment to follow through with this promise. To share it with the congregation and profess your desires before God is a giant step for your family.

Please don’t miss this opportunity on Sunday, October 30, during the 11 a.m. service. On October 30, parents will assist their child with decorating their tote bag and writing a bible verse in their bible for them. Plan to attend Sunday school class starting on October 30. The class will give you great tips and ideas about having family devotions and taking advantage of life lessons. You will be dismissed from the class to go attend to your child.

If you have questions or need more information, contact Janette Haak.