by Janette Haak

“I really like my rhyme Bible and we have read through the whole thing this summer. I bring it to church too and I like that it’s just my own.”
– Kyle, 5 years old

I was so pleased to hear this from Kyle, via his mom. It is our goal at St. Luke-Ann Arbor to partner with our families in their children’s faith development. This family understands the purpose of Bible Sunday. We want to be a resource for families as you teach your children and grandchildren about Jesus and 3 year olds and 2nd graders will receive copies of the bible this Sunday!

The joy and excitement the children express when they get their bibles is priceless. When their parents come to their class and help them decorate their bible totes, they are so proud to show them around and get their help with their project.

This is one of their important milestones in their faith walk. During your child’s baptism, you promised to put a bible in your child’s hands and this is a confirmation of your commitment to follow through with this promise. To share it with the congregation and profess your desires before God is a giant step for your family.

Please don’t miss this opportunity on Sunday, October 26, during the 11 a.m. service. On November 2, parents will assist their child with decorating their tote bag and writing a bible verse in their bible for them. Plan to attend the new Sunday school class starting on November 2. The class will give you great tips and ideas about having family devotions and taking advantage of life lessons. You will be dismissed from the class to go attend to your child.

If you have questions or need more information, contact Janette Haak.