Family Lenten Devotion for Friday, March 28

By Janette Haak

Read John 9:1-7

We Pray:  Lord, help us to glorify you, no matter what our circumstances.  

Supplies: two bowls, 10 uncooked white beans, 10 uncooked black beans and 20 uncooked red beans and a blindfold.  (for each person)  (if you don’t have beans, use small game pieces or some kind of colored toys)

Today’s lesson is about a man who was born blind. The scriptures tell us that this was not his fault or his parents, but so that God might be glorified. Sometimes we sin and that is like being blind, it can keep us from God. Blind people have to use other senses and people to help them to accomplish most things. Just like the blind person needs help getting someplace new, we need God’s help to overcome spiritual blindness. Spiritual blindness begins when we allow sin to become a regular part of our lives.


Set the two bowls on the table. One is filled with the beans and the other is empty. The bowl with beans represents all the choices we can make every day—choices in what we’re going to do, say and think. The black beans represent choices that are sin. The white beans represent choices that Jesus would want us to make. The red beans represent neutral decisions that may not be right or wrong. The empty second bowl represents our life. Pick out 5 white beans and put them in the second bowl. Let every one take a turn. Because you can see, you can avoid the black beans that represent sin. When you can see spiritually you can fill your life with good, Godly choices in what you do, say and think.

Now, wearing a blindfold try the activity again and pick out 5 white beans. Give everyone a turn. Select 5 black beans and drop them in the second bowl. Take off the blindfold.


  • Could you tell the difference between the white and black beans when you were blindfolded? In the same way, when we are spiritually blind-allowing sin in our lives-it is hard to choose what is right.
    Now that your blindfold has been removed, pick out the black and red beans and put them back into the other bowl.
  • What kind of things do you think can blind us to God’s ways?

We Pray: Dear God, show us the sins in our life that we can not see.  Please remove any spiritual blindness and help us to shine your light as we glorify your name. Amen.