Dancing with Jesus

By Miriam Rossow

This summer I spent a lot of time enjoying God’s creation. I spent time at my neighborhood pool just enjoying the sun. […]

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The Work of The People

by Jeff Greunke, Director of Worship Arts  

Have you ever thought about what it takes to bring about an awesome worship experience each weekend […]


By Judy Maynard

I love learning and growing in my faith journey. I especially love it when I can share this walk with other women. […]

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Celebrating Partnerships

By Matt Hein and Iris Proctor

I love watching Jesus bring people and organizations together to accomplish immeasurably more than they could do on their […]

Be Kind. Be Present.

By Miriam Rossow

Be kind. Be present. These are things we teach our children. These are basic life skills that allow you to live in […]

Praying for a Holy Spirit Pentecost

By Pr. Ted Jungkuntz

What did the Apostles do between the Ascension of Jesus and the first Pentecost that followed? Jesus had given them this command […]

Be Kind

By Lori Brinkey

As part of our sermon series this month, we have been asked to read 42 Seconds by Carl Medearis. In the first […]

Director of Youth and Family Discipleship Candidate: Jayme Nichols

Monday, May 14 we gathered as a congregation to vote on our annual ministry plan and budget and to extend a call. The call […]

Director of Finance and Operations: Susan Jones

Monday, May 14 we gathered as a congregation to vote on our annual ministry plan and budget. The budget included a new position for […]

42 Seconds

By Justin Rossow

42 seconds. That’s less than a minute. That’s like, 50 heartbeats (for me), or 2 push ups (for me). 42 seconds is […]