William H.

Confirmation Class of 2015

My confirmation verse is 2nd Timothy 1:7,

“For God did not give us a spirit of timidity but a spirit of power, of love, and of self discipline.”

I believe and trust that Jesus gives me a spirit of power and love. Because He gives His spirit to me, I know that I can trust Him to keep me safe.

All of this is possible because He is the King of the Universe. He is not an earthly king, who gives and takes back , but He is a Heavenly king who gives and does not take back.

My response to Jesus giving me His spirit is happiness and thankfulness. I am happy because the spirit of God is more than an earthly gift, it is a heavenly gift. Earthly gifts are in boxes and bags, while Heavenly ones are in my heart. It makes me happy because it’s special. I am thankful for this gift because it is a gift only Jesus can give.

My confirmation verse challenges me to be brave. One way I can be brave is to stand up in front of crowds. By myself I’m just a simple chess pawn, but with Gods’ power I have a kingly shadow. Receiving the spirit of God the Father is like getting to the end of the board. He is the one moving me across.

The pawn doesn’t have much power, until it reaches the end of the board, and then it can be the most powerful piece. Now I can be brave, just like how Jesus was on the cross. Jesus braved the cross when His hands were nailed to a splintery piece of timber. He did it because He had a spirit of power, and self-discipline and of love, which He openly shares with me. God has moved me to the other side of the chess board.

This verse promises me that whenever I am feeling timid, I can remember it and take a deep breath and keep doing whatever I am doing.

I think I can use my verse to help me when I am feeling scared, as in standing up and being at the center of attention. It may help me remember that my timidity will be replaced with power, love and self discipline.

I believe the promises of Jesus.

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