Rituals and Traditions

Lenten Devotion for Good Friday, April 18 By Rachael Varblow The wall in the Sunday school area at St. Luke tells us

Rituals and Traditions2014-03-10T14:57:17-04:00

No Fear

Lenten Devotion for Wednesday, April 16 By Margaret Neblock Read John 19:38-42 Do you remember those “no fear” stickers, t-shirts, decals that were

No Fear2014-03-10T15:00:47-04:00

Born–Whose Decision?

Lenten Devotion for Tuesday, April 15 by Ted Jungkuntz Read John 3:1-16 Hey, kids, if you were in charge, would you choose

Born–Whose Decision?2014-03-18T20:08:02-04:00

Great(er) Expectations

By Matthew Landrum Lenten Devotional for Monday, April 14 Read John 12:12-19 What do I look for from God? If I’m honest, the

Great(er) Expectations2014-04-14T09:54:45-04:00

A Fragrance to the World

Lenten Devotion for April 11, 2014 Read John 12:1-11 Mary anoints Jesus feet with expensive perfume and wipes it with her hair.

A Fragrance to the World2014-04-12T23:06:42-04:00

A Hidden Plan

Lenten Devotion for Thursday, April 10 By Sam Fink Read John 19:31-37 On May 1, 2012, my wife Kelsey and I were about

A Hidden Plan2014-04-10T09:40:26-04:00

Finished? Really?

Lenten Devotion for April 9, 2014 By Ryan Peterson Read John 19:28-30 In our house, there are multiple interpretations of the word

Finished? Really?2014-04-09T09:55:45-04:00

Thirsty for Something More

Lenten Devotion for Tuesday, April 8 By Anna Flynn Read John 7:37-44 During my semester abroad in England, I traveled to Amboise,

Thirsty for Something More2014-03-20T13:34:32-04:00

God on Tap

Lenten Devotion for Monday, April 7 By Brad Garrison Read John 4:10-13 In my younger days before I knew Christ (I am

God on Tap2014-03-07T21:08:45-05:00

Joy & Happiness

By Janette Haak Lenten Devotion for Friday, April 4 Read John 16:19-24 Family Discussion Joy and happiness are different. Jesus talks about

Joy & Happiness2014-04-02T13:07:39-04:00
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