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The Peace Light of Bethlehem

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For over 30 years, a child from Austria has traveled to Bethlehem to the grotto where Jesus was born. Using a miner’s lamp, they […]

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Homeless Shelter 2020

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The annual Homeless Shelter week at St. Luke begins on Monday, January 20, 2020 for 7 nights. Each night we will transport 25 men […]

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St. Luke-Ann Arbor Giving Tree – 2019

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By Sherrill Derksen and the Giving Tree Task Force

This time of year makes me realize how incredibly God has blessed my family and me. […]

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“The Story” resource page

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Click here to download a PDF: The Story Reading Schedule

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The Story Begins…

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The Story

What could happen if we took a journey as a whole community through the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation? What if that journey […]

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Taste of St. Luke

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Several people asked to have the “menu” online from Sunday, Sep 8 so here is a link to a PDF of the main menu […]

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The Work of The People, Pt. 2

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by Jeff Greunke, Director of Worship Arts  

The following is a continuation of a previous blog post that highlighted serving in a particular ministry […]

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Life Together

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1 & 2 Timothy

Sometimes it’s helpful to get back to the basics in order to
move forward in confidence. This is true for everything from […]

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Senior Pastor – Call Committee

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The Elders of St Luke announced on May 12th that a call committee has been formed for our search for the position of […]

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Come, Holy Spirit

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On the evening of that first Easter, the resurrected Lord appeared to his disciples in an upper room, perhaps the same place they had […]