What about the Leftovers?

By Bill Burmeister What happens to your “leftovers”? Are they remembered too late, in the back of the refrigerator in some storage

What about the Leftovers?2015-11-23T08:47:01-05:00

Christmas Activity Set

By Miriam Rossow Every Christmas we pull out bins and bins of decorations. Well, actually, I get them out right after Thanksgiving;

Christmas Activity Set2015-11-13T16:36:03-05:00

What Do Dead People Do All Day?

By Andy Smith I've lived long enough that I've lost a number of people I love--family and friends. I've cried at funerals,

What Do Dead People Do All Day?2015-11-06T13:11:34-05:00

Feedback on Our Bylaws

By Paul Dickerson, Congregational President Our leadership has received an abundance of feedback from our congregation since we first published the proposed

Feedback on Our Bylaws2015-11-06T22:22:06-05:00

Encourage One Another

Encourage One Another - Week 5 in "...another series" Verse for the Week “Let us encourage one another—and all the more as

Encourage One Another2015-11-08T10:11:18-05:00
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