By Rick Darragh

As we enjoy this Advent and Christmas season, I would like to thank the wonderful staff of St. Luke for a job well done this past year. This has been a year of significant change for St. Luke. In structure, we went from a multisite congregation to a stand-alone congregation and in format, underwent a change in governance model. And our staff, with all the confusion, uncertainty, and sometimes fear that change can bring, continues to serve Jesus and each of us faithfully, always pointing us back to Jesus. I am amazed how each week our staff puts together of what amounts to a “worship party”. That worship experience is both deep and rich with the human touch of following Jesus together. And when you add in children’s and youth ministry, supporting us as we celebrate at weddings and grieve at funerals, along with a myriad of other endeavors, you begin to realize that we are a people truly blessed.

As an Elder, I have had the opportunity to see behind the scenes in addition to what happens on Sunday morning. I have seen our staff lovingly support both St. Luke members and people in the broader community, many times going well above and beyond, showing the face of Jesus to a world in need of a Savior.

Please join me in this Advent and Christmas season in showing our appreciation to the staff of St. Luke by contributing to our Staff Christmas gift door offering after both worship services this weekend.