What an impact your gift is making!

What impact?

· The ministries of St. Luke are flourishing;
· We’re confidently praying about and planning new ministries because we believe the resources necessary to support them will be available;
· Our leadership – those you have elected, appointed, and entrusted, along with our gifted staff, are encouraged and lifting their heads to glimpse the new day.

What gift?

In December, you were invited to consider a year-end monetary gift; one that was to be motivated by the love of our God who enfleshed his Son at the moment in time we call “Christmas.”

So many of you said “yes,” to that invitation.

So many gave with such generosity that we are entering this new year and decade with confidence; not in ourselves, but in the One who inspires us to lavish acts of trust and dedication because He loves us.

So, thank you.

To all who have enabled St Luke to be grateful, and excited, and hopeful now, thank you. May this experience of responding to an invitation give you a joy of the kind that is only felt by those whose gratitude is expressed with generosity.

Thank you.
Pastor John Sproul