The annual Christmas Party is a part of the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office commitment to the building of safe, stable communities through family reunification. For many people at the jail, the hard path to incarceration includes deep personal difficulties and frayed relationships with people who have been important in their lives, especially their families. While COVID-19 prevented us from hosting an in-person family event, the donations from St. Luke’s have touched the lives of every person in the jail. All people housed at the jail received a holiday bag that included warm clothing and snacks. Additionally, St. Luke’s sponsored the family program by purchasing books and other gifts for the minor children of 14 men and women housed in the jail who were eligible. The books for the children were accompanied by a handwritten note from the parent their kids. These participants were also provided a Zoom visit with their families.

These gifts serve as a light of hope for incarcerated people one of the hardest times of the year for incarcerated people. A glint of normalcy to strive and work for.

Thank you so much Rev. Sproul, Jim Sorgatz, and all of the other volunteers and parishioners who made this celebration of the Christmas season possible.

Aaron Suganuma
Reentry Coordinator at the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office