Every December, the people of St. Luke have the opportunity to give a gift to the congregation’s staff. It’s a way to show God’s love, and a way to thank and appreciate the people who make our shared experiences possible.The men and women of St. Luke’s staff take care of a hundred and one big and little things behind the scenes — ensuring that people receive ministry and caring for individuals. They make it possible for all of us to worship Jesus together and enjoy each other’s fellowship as the Body of Christ.You can be a part of showing appreciation! The Elders invite you to join in our annual gift to St. Luke staff. You can give online here, or give via our app. Look for “Staff Christmas Gift” in the menu.We deeply value these servants of God. They’ve helped us to grow spiritually and helped us to function together as a community. We’re thankful for their work in past years, and we look forward to new energy that we will have in future years.